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January 21, 2010

Cleaning Hair Brushes

It took me a while to grasp how to clean my hair brushes/combs. In the past I used to throw them away and buy new ones. In the last months I discovered (Finally!) how to remove every single hair from my current hair brushes and wish to share my tips.

I got inspired while watching that mermaid movie with Tom Hanks (very old movie when Tom was still young and slim) named Splash. When I saw the mermaid underwater with her hair flowing in a graceful way, I thought "Hmm, hair floats in water, right?" and that's how I got my Eureka moment.

Don't try to understand my brain. It's an Alice in Wonderland maze in there <33

Note spraying hairspray/gel hair spray over the hairbrush didn't help at all to remove all hairs. I already tested it and it sucks as it will end up all sticky!!!


You would need:

  • a round, a rectangle/square-shaped bucket (round shaped buckets can be purchased at some Asian groceries stores for like AUS$5 and you can get some rectangle ones at discount stores like Crazy Clark) - as long as they fit in your laundry basin.
  • Water (I just collect the water from my shower by placing a bucket in my shower area)
  • an old toothbrush (optional) - when I say old toothbrush, I refer to the one you just finished using for 3 mths in your mouth cos everybody knows you have to change your toothbrush every 3 month or when the color on your Oral B starts fading.
  • toothpick (optional)
  • a pair of disposable gloves (optional)


Flat/round hair brushes

  1. Soak brush in the bucket full of water. I only suggest to wear a pair of disposable glove (sold in supermarkets) if you intend to clean hair brushes with hard bristles. The ones depicted in pictures in this process have soft rubber bristles.
  2. Pull out hair with 1 hand while still holding the brush underwater with the other hand.  (Sorry but it's very hard taking pic and taking out the hair)
  3. You can also use a toothpick horizontally (see pic) for dust trap (that's what happen when you don't clean your brush for like 6-12 months!!)
  4. For flat hair brushes, you can also use an old toothbrush, brushing towards you to get more hairs
  5. Admire the hair you've taken out...Just kidding! LOL.  Rinse your brushes under running  tap water
  6. Air-dry onto a bunch of old newspapers/catalogues in a well-ventilated room.




  1. You can either get rid of the contents of the bucket if your basin is equipped with a hair strainer. Or if you are environment-friendly like me, you recycle the water. First take a pasta strainer bowl or a big flour sifter (something big enough to stand on top of a bucket)
  2. Place the pasta bowl on top of an empty bucket
  3. Pour your hair bucket over it. You can then throw away the hair stuck in the pasta bowl in the bin and use the 'clean' water for laundry/gardening purposes.


Let's see the Before and After pics :)

You can finally see the brush head! I even found a bobby pin while cleaning this hairbrush (who's not mine but belongs to a family member by the way -.-'). It still has a bit of dust stuck to it. I either will have to repeat the process or remove the dust with a dry toothpick,

I also enclosed a close up of the BEFORE shot of the following hair brush, so that you can see the dust trapped inside the brush. When cleaning the hairbrushes with hard bristles, you have to be careful. That's why I put on a disposable glove on the hand used to pick out the stray hairs. But I still have to use a toothpick to go inside the holes to get out the dust (while the brush is under water). After seeing the videos (see bottom of this page), I think I'll give the technique passing a comb through the bristles to take out the hair next time.




First off, you usually won't see any hair stuck to those haircare products but after a period of time, you will see accumulated dust stuck at the base of the comb's bristles. See pic below.

  1. Clean the comb's bristles with an old toothbrush wet with warm water and soap.
  2. Rinse
  3. Let it dry on a towel



On a different note, I have a shower comb which was stained ages ago with permanent hair colourant. I tried everything to take it out, like make up remover, shampoo but nothing helped. If you have a hairbrush stained with hair colour, you will find the following helpful.

You need:

  • A couple of cotton buds
  • Hair stainer remover (I bought Kiss Stain Cleanser at Priceline for less than $10 - near the Priceline Hair Essentials shelves)

  1. Put a few drops of Stain Cleanser on a Q-tip
  2. Rub through the comb's bristles. Forgive my nail polish...
  3. Rinse under running tap water and dry on a towel.



With my technique, even the dirtiest hair brush can come out as, I must say, 98% clean. Cos let's face it, I'm L.A.Z.Y as and only clean my hairbrushes probably once or twice a year (due to having short Asian fine hair for a long period of time). When you have dry and brittle hair (due to overexposure to sun, chlorine and perms), you will probably lose more hair or your long hair will get entangled on the brushes.

The videos below covers more on maintaining your hair brushes on a regular basis (either weekly or monthly).  I ranked the videos by order of preference. I haven't tried their technique yet but might give it a go once I buy myself a tail comb.

On a final note I just wish to point out that all the hairbrushes/combs I own are plastic with rubber handles.


<object height="289" width="351" data="http://www.youtube.com/v/qbNeIe1_hEw" type="application/x-shockwave-flash"> <param name="src" value="http://www.youtube.com/v/qbNeIe1_hEw" /> </object>



posted by Anonymous

Thanks for the tips on cleaning hairbrushes. The toothbrush thing worked great but instead of an old toothbrush I used a brush I kept from an old vaccuum for cleaning the filter. It is a bit stiffer and scrubs better.

posted by

That's cool too! I should try it next time :)

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