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March 31, 2013

DIY Grape Seed Oil Make Up Remover

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Related Posts Plugin for WordPress, Blogger...Here is the recipe of my favorite eye make-up remover.  All you need is:

  • Distilled water (easily found in laundry aisle of your supermarket. I bought this 2 Litre bottle for AUS$1.60 at Woolworths. Bottle is half empty since I also used it for my steam machine)
  • Grape seed oil (found in cooking oil aisle of your supermarket. I bought this 500ml bottle for AUS$5.39 at Woolworths. A 1 litre bottle retails for AUS$9.99. Other places you can find it would be gourmet food stores or health food stores)
  • An empty cosmetic container or a pump bottle.

Grapeseed oil is full of anti-oxidants, high in Vitamin E and Vitamin C.

Benefits of grape seed oil:

  • Since it has a lighter consistency than extra virgin olive oil, it is easily absorbed into the skin. It is often used as massage oil and in beauty products.
  • It is suitable for all skin types. Great for sensitive eyes and skin. It didn't burn my eyes when I once put too much on a cotton pad.
  • Due to its high anti oxidants, it is great to fight wrinkles, dry skin, stretch marks and can heal acne. Personally I find it great to moisturise my eye lids while removing my eye makeup. 
  • Fragrance-free (if you're like me and dislike the smell of olive oil)
  • It can supposedly heal age spots. I didn't pay too much attention to this claim.

I can't talk enough of grapeseed oil. For the price of AUS$6.99 (the price of an average drugstore eye make up remover), I got myself set for a year's worth of natural eye and lip make-up remover bottles.  You can use it as well as an overall makeup remover for the face.

  1. Fill 1/4 or 1/5 of your beauty cosmetic container with grapeseed oil (I use 1/4 for travel size containers and 1/5 for 100ml bottles)
  2. Fill the rest with distilled water.
  3. Shake bottle well before every use.  I would advise to not place the cottonpad too close to the pump- since it's very liquid, it might squirt everywhere.
  4. Follow up with face cleansing with your usual face cleanser.
<p>This is how I remove my eye-makeup. Many people use 2 cotton pads but I found out that I would be quickly finishing my cotton pads. If ther's 60 in a pack, I'd buy a new pack on a monthly basis. Since prices in Australia are so high, I only use 1 cotton pad.
  1. Pour some eye makeup remover onto a cotton pad.
  2. Place on eye for a few seconds and gently wipe away eyeshadow and mascara
  3. Fold in half the wet area facing outward and gently sweep away eyeliner
  4. Turn over the cotton pad to the other clean side. I would pour a little bit more eye make up remover if I have heavy eye makeup on. But usually there's enough product to place on second eye.
  5. Fold again in half to remove eyeliner
  6. Use a q-tip to remove any excess makeup in hard to reach areas and eyelashes' roots.

In pic below, you can see how easily grape seed oil removes heavy eye makeup and lip stain (I applied OCC liptar).

Happy shopping! xOxO

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